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My name is Elise and I am your guide on this tour called: living on Earth!


Are you second guessing yourself because you don't understand why you are still stuck in scarcity? It's like a cycle that keeps repeating itself and you just can't seem to find the way out of it?


When you are ready to start working on moving from scarcity towards Abundance you will start to notice that there are many different layers that need to be healed and with every layer healed you start to create more energy and receive more energy as well. Through healing and understanding where abundance comes from and why it's not in your life yet you are setting yourself up for succes and that's exactly where you need to move towards. 


By learning how to create abundance and at the same time understand why you feel blocked around it will help you to find true balance. All these layers are the reason why you aren't where you wish to be in life and it's time to get started and heal from all of these patterns. Have you been searching for this answer? Then search no more because I am here for you now!


Have a look around and please if you have any questions don't be shy and just send me an email!


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Pick an abundance card

Do you feel like every day you are missing out and find yourself at night coming up with a million ideas you could have run during the day? Well grabbing an amazing message every morning is a part of my spiritual practice and I wish to share it with you. 


By connecting with the Universe every day I am able to receive clear guidance to where I need to go and what I need to leave behind.


It's simple, you click on a picture, choose a card from the page and you will receive a message. You can come back daily or you weekly just remember to enjoy the message, take it in and make moves towards it. 


Much love,



Click on the photo to get started!
Click on the photo to get started!

Healed from scar-city

My story



Have you been living in this city called SCARCITY and

has this city given you all you have been looking for the past years?


My whole life I felt like there was never enough, that I was never going to get "there" and that abundance was for all to have except for me because I just "didn't get it". The journey was so hard because I was doing it to myself and that's why I just couldn't see the signals that were shining so bright in my face until I hit my rock bottom and my body said enough!


I closed my online business that I had been "trying" to get on track for a year and decided to get rid of all this hidden fear that I had been collecting for the past years and I started a healing journey for the body. 


But no experience is without a lesson and no mistake is without a new vision and I started to realize that I had been forcing myself so much that I just kept losing sight of what really drives me and what my vision is to give to the world. What would I love to give as a service for others? My journey to Self started when I entered the OS school from Colette Baron Reid. She thought me how to connect with my Higher Self but more importantly thought me how to connect with Spirit. All these years of helping people made me realize that I never learned how to heal myself completely. 


This program opened me up and made me dance sideways because slowly Spirit started guiding me towards the ending of my business and I started to let go of the resistance I was feeling of doing so. Letting go of something that you have given your everything is only hard when you are in scarcity mode and I started to feel more and more the loving energy of Abundance. As I started to work on my Self-Worth a brand new door opened and this door in combination with my door of communication with the Universe just blew me to a new level. 


While I was burning all the old papers where I had written product ideas on and all the old blogs which I had written because I thought that's what they wanted I started to feel release. The transition of going from scarcity to fully live in abundance was amazing and I knew that this could be a lasting feeling if I would keep working on Self and Connection. 


Slowly I started to realize all the mistakes I had made and I knew that change was coming soon and that I had to get ready for it. This is my mission for myself: heal the body. You can also go through this release if you are willing to work on yourself and let go. Don't be scaRED(city) and don't let your scaRS(city) stop you from moving forward! Don't you see that you can be amazing if you are willing to let go? 


Abundance is there for all to grab and I hope you grab what's yours!


Much love,




Blog posts

The bridge to abundance

Scarcity mind set don't feel sad when you catch yourself stuck in it. We are came from somewhere and even though we are born in true abundance it's hard to remain this way when "life" happens. It all depends on your guides in the real life and the opportunities that are created for you and when you finally start to understand that you create opportunities it's all about being able to take them or if you need healing in order for you to feel like you deserve them. 


Our journey here on Earth isn't really a joke but it's more of a learning experience in seeing how you react and the reaction that comes from there and what evolves from there. 

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How to start the flow of abundance

A lot of people have the misconception that when they come in a large amount of money that they will be able and that all needs will be met but that is not the case at all. Happiness comes from within and therefore to be truly abundant on a spiritual level you have to heal yourself from scarcity. Scarcity is the energy of not enough. Fear that you don't have enough will bring you more situations to prove to you that you are in your own truth and I wish to break this cycle with you in three simple steps to get the basics done. 

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Co-creating with Oracle cards

There are different tools that you can use in order for you to co-create with the Universe if you notice that you keep getting out of alignment. When I was doing card readings for clients I always noticed that they would never work with oracle cards the way I connected with them. Yes, it's amazing when you can hear the clear voice of Spirit, and yes I have had messages come from God himself but when there are times where life is going and you can't connect with the Universe as you wish then it's an amazing way to talk to Spirit with Oracle cards. 



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Get ready to speak your message

Your trying to reach that specific group that is your tribe and that is looking for your words but you are not really sure if it would fit with you to host an event.  I truly believe knowing the right steps of internal work before you get started could actually help you to take the leap and host your own event. 


The energy that comes from an event is so amazing and you will notice afterwards that you feel so enlightened and that all the worry, fear and other negative emotions were all for nothing. You are made for this. 


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What is your worth?

So you have come to understand that you are lost and believe me you are not the first one that is walking this path. It's not an easy path but it's not an impossible path neither. 


Where I have come from and where I am now tells me that shifts can happen overnight as long as you allow it to happen for you and all you have to do is watch the magic happen as it unfolds in front of you. That's what I will be helping you with in this blog: help you understand what your worth is and how you can find out. 


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The Struggle is Real series

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As I do intend to create more value by writing amazing freebies please feel free to let me know where you are stuck. This way I can always help where information is needed.